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Giving Docker/LXC containers a routable IP address

At work, we are evaluating Docker as part of our “epic next generation deployment platform”. One of the requirements that our operations team has given us is that our containers have “identity” by virtue of their IP address. In this … Continue reading

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World’s fastest break-in attempt

Actually, I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but still… From spinning up a new EC2 instance today to getting the first e-mail from fail2ban took a little under 6 hours. I don’t know if this makes me happy or sad. Happy … Continue reading

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Adventures with DD-WRT and IPv6 (with a dash of TomatoUSB)

A little under a year ago, I decided two things: first, that it was about time my ageing home network got GigE and 5GHz wireless-N (dual band, of course, to support devices that would only do 2.4GHz); and second, that … Continue reading

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iTunes 10.5 upgrade woes

iOS 5 is upon us, so I thought I would snag a copy and see what’s what. But, first thing’s first… I apparently needed to upgrade iTunes to 10.5. (Why? Why do I need a particular version of a media … Continue reading

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