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It’s interesting to see people getting interested in porting the Disruptor to .NET (although what’s wrong with The One True Language, I don’t know!). Tim Gebhardt has a port on Github Matt Davey (Technical Director at Lab49) also has a … Continue reading

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The Disruptor – Lock-free publishing

In case you’ve been living on another planet, we recently our high performance message passing framework. I’m going to give a quick run-down on how we put messages into the ring buffer (the core data structure within the Disruptor) without … Continue reading

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Open sourcing the Disruptor

LMAX recently open-sourced The Disruptor – one of the core frameworks upon which we build our ultra-high performance financial exchange. Today, we published a white paper detailing how The Disruptor works, and highlighting the sorts of performance benefits that can be … Continue reading

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Parallel Ant 0.9 beta released

After almost a year with no work, Parallel Ant 0.9 beta is finally released. More info on the page.

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Unit testing smells

At work, we focus quite heavily on TDD and, therefore, unit testing (although our TDD extends to other levels, such as writing automated acceptance tests for a story before beginning development of the story). As is always the case with … Continue reading

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Generics and the mystical wildcard

This comes up a lot on the forums (or should that be fora?). “I’ve got a List<?>, why can’t I put an object of type X in it?” (for any type X). The problem here is that most people see … Continue reading

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